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oth week of 4/25

ok so this week on one tree hill there was the possibility that Nathan would be kissing his sisater in law, taylor, but he doesnt. anna tells her parents that she is a lesbian. karen grounds brooke. and then moost importantly jake is arrested because he wont give up jenny. the cops think jenny is at paytons house. so they go there and all they find is a basketball in a baby carrier. but at the very end we see whitey driving away with jenny in the back seat. i was like OMG. deffinatly gonna watch next weeks episode. o yea and lucas find sbags in the cieling full of money, at dans car dealership. its cash. so he goes to andy, and they go and try to find it, but its gone, and then we see dan shedding papers (not money). now we know for sure tnhat he is up to something. and andy thinks that if dan knows that lucas knows, that he would come after him. i deff. dont want that to happen. i cannot wait for next weeks episode.
ps i deff. see some lucas and brooke action in the future. bcuz when she was grounded karen was making her clean and lucas came to help she said thanks and then he sed and i quote "anything for you" and the stared at eachother for like 5 mins. it was like cinderella.

ok ill update later,
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