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Jack’s Mannequin featured on One Tree Hill and Other Music from Monday's episode (9/29/08)

Did anyone else catch Jack’s Mannequin’s song “Orphans” on Monday’s One Tree Hill? It case you didn’t (I’m a big JM nerd!!!):

And the music from the episode:
"How Would You Like It" - Jem (opening)

“Moving Ground” - Mezzanine Owls

“Heartbeat” - Adios Control (Sam tries to return Brooke’s gift at Clothes Over Bro’s.)

"Running Down" - Michelle Featherstone (Haley tells Deb about Dan staying at a hospice.; Lindsey meets with Lucas.; Mick tells Peyton to make a list of her five favorite albums.; Brooke tells her therapist about Sam and giving up the company.; Nathan gets a surprise job proposal.)

"Orphans" - Jack Mannequin (Peyton talks to Mick Wolf about her parents.; Nathan goes to a meeting in Fort Wayne)

“They Bring Me To You” - Joshua Radin
(Peyton and Mick read their Top 5 list.; Peyton calls Lucas.; Lucas asks to make some changes to his book tour schedule.)

“Capsule” - Turin Brakes (Brooke talks about her future and happiness with her therapist.; Nathan doesn’t make his final decision without talking to Haley and Jamie.)

"No Envy, No Fear" - Joshua Radin
(Sam pays for Brooke’s coffee.)

“If I Am A Stranger” - Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
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